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2 steps before you start your international move

2 steps before you start your international move

Many are the reasons nowadays for a person or even a family to decide to move to another country and make an international move. The most common reasons are studies or work, whatever your case to make this big decision you should not worry about accounts with us to make the process faster and without headaches. For this reason today we want to share with you is a small guide of recommended steps you must do before the whole process of the move begins. Ready? Let?s continue!

1. Get rid of what you no longer need

We know, in the beginning it can become difficult to get rid of your things, but if you no longer need it or if it does not work anymore, why take it to another country with you? It will only occupy unnecessary space. It is necessary you take a day or two to sit down with a sheet to write down everything that you no longer use, the things you do not like and verify the appliances work correctly. After this, write down the things mentioned above in order to have a list.

What will you do with the list? Simple, you can donate or give it to family and friends everything that is in good condition and still works. You could also sell it online, at a garage sale, through friends etc.

The important thing is to be able to select only what is really necessary to take you, although sometimes we think it can be everything.

2. Prepare the essentials

You must have prepared all the things you think are essential for the day of the move. Surely you do not want to start the process of packing everything and then remember you forgot such a thing, it is now packed in a box. That is the importance of this, we recommend you as we previously noted these essentials for you and verify that list very well. Sometimes with troubles we can escape some things.

Undoubtedly the most important are your personal documents and your titles if you go for work or studies, remember the idea is not to leave many things for you to carry only the essential.

After having completed these 2 important steps you are ready to begin all the process of packing your belongings.