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Materials you will need to make the packing of your move

You could say the most tedious part of doing in the process of moving is to pack all your belongings. 

That is why many companies offer a complete service, in which professionals are responsible for the complete packaging and in UpMoving we offer this service our different packages such as Prime. 

However, if you want to make your own packaging because you have your own way to organize and save everything or simply because you want to save costs. 

If this last is your case and it is your first time making a move, but you are not sure how to pack everything, quiet in this article we leave you some tips and clarifications you should know. 

The first thing is to buy the materials to make the packaging, for this we recommend you take an inventory of your furniture, personal items and everything you are going to need. 

This way you will know how much you will need, once you have an idea of ??what you will need, it is time to buy them. 

We remind you that in our online store you can buy your materials in a simple way to pack. 

Materials that you will need to pack ? Cardboard boxes: it will seem obvious, but it is necessary to place it in the list. 

Buy them of all sizes, large, medium and small. 

Calculate how many you will need based on the inventory you made. 

If for example you calculated about 25 boxes in total, we recommend adding between 3 to 5 extra boxes to that amount. 

You?d better get over it and not be missing and you?re running around to buy them. 

? Adhesive tape and packaging film: you?ll need something to close the boxes you pack to make sure nothing comes out during the move. 

As for the packaging film is to protect the boxes as much as possible, it will help you to have solid and compact boxes. 

? Bubble plastic: it will serve to protect your belongings, this plastic will cushion any blow and will avoid any damage. 

This way you can be more sure of those things are more fragile. 

? Protective tape for the column: is this really important? Well this can avoid any injury in the lower back when loading, moving boxes or heavy objects. 

Think to make certain forecasts never hurts especially when it comes to our health. 

? Polystyrene beads: sometimes when there are several objects in the same box they can crash and be damaged, so one way to avoid that is with this. 

They are very useful for internal damping of boxes and objects inside. 

These are the main materials you will need to start packing everything, do not forget to also have bags on hand to keep small things together and not scatter all over the box. 

Remember to go through our online store, so you can verify everything we have available to you.