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Tips for making the packing of moving yourself

In another article of our blog we talk about the materials you will need at the time of packaging, if you have not read yet we recommend you do.. This time we will talk about what follows after having all that material in our hands, start packing everything in the boxes for the move. We will leave you some useful tips that you can apply to have everything under control throughout the process.

Remember packing all your possessions will not be something that you can do from one day to the next, so we suggest you do with time, you can stop when you feel tired and continue the next day more calmly. Avoid leaving everything for the last minute, this could play against you.

Well, you already have all the materials you need at home and it was time to store everything in the boxes. For a greater organization, do the packing of room by room. Start with the room you least need, take a sheet and write down everything you save.

When you put everything in the cardboard boxes, put names to each and every one of the boxes. We will put a practical example so everything is better explained, suppose you start with the guest room and for this you will need 4 boxes you will have to write: Guest room 1/4: 5 frames, 2 picture frames and 3 ornaments; Guest room 2/4: TV and so on until packing everything in the boxes. All this you can write it on a blank sheet in a list manner and stick it with tape in the corresponding box.

All this process will help you to know where everything is, when you arrive at your destination you can unpack more easily, since you will know in a safe way what box you need without wasting time looking for box by box.

If you have very fragile objects, we recommend taking all possible precautions to avoid bad moments when unpacking. Use polystyrene beads, bubble wrap and place a label on the box identifies it as fragile so everything will arrive safely to your new home.

Packing does not require great skills, you just need a lot of organization with things and especially with your time. You do not want the moving company knocking on your door and you still packing things.